• Welcome to Ella's Bread

    Ella's bread is a family business, run by Padge Quirke and his daughter Kate in Co.Wexford, producing the best quality brown bread in Ireland since 2009. Ella is Kate's daughter.

  • Products

    We have a range of great quality products for everyone!

    Our Ready Made Breads

    We have a variety of ready made bread, baked in our factory. These high quality breads taste great and have many health benefits.

    Our Mixes

    We've made it easy for you to bake your own great tasting and healthy bread at home with our mixes. Great fun for the family!

  • Health Benefits

    Our products have great health benefits as well as tasting great and are all sugar free!


    • WHOLEMEAL  -  naturally rich in whole goodness, high in fibre and low                                     in fat and sugar
    • WHEATBRAN  -  a good source of dietary fibre
    • WHEATGERM  - gives your immune system a boost to help in preventing                                 cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer
    • OATBRAN        -  can help lower cholesterol
    • BUTTERMILK -  contains vitamin B12, believed to help reduce stress and                                  blood pressure
    • MARGARINE  -  helps keep your heart healthy

  • About Us

    Padge, Kate, Ella and the rest of the quirke family.

    Ella's Bread is a family run business, owned by Padge Quirke and his daughter Kate based in Wexfords sunny South-East. The company is named after Padge's granddaughter Ella.


    Our award winning recipe has been passed down through generations, with Ella's great grandmother coming up with the original recipe.

    Ella's Bread Factory

    Our company started small in 2009 initially baking bread in our house but has grown to a much larger factory located in Templeudigan, Co. Wexford.


    Our company has received the Musgraves SV Award and the Top 3 new Product Award in 2011.

  • Stockists Wanted

    We currently supply the South East but are always looking for new stores to stock our product. If you're interested, send us a note below and we'll get in touch when we start to supply your area.

  • Contact

    If you have questions or just want to know more, do get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.


    Email ellasbreadltd@gmail.com